Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Same title, two blog posts in a row, but this time, it’s for our house PURCHASE!  A huge thank-you shout out to our dear friend and realtor Kate, without whom we would've never even had our house on the market and certainly guided us through the craziness of home shopping.  

We are already hard at work beautifying our sweet 80-year-old brick bungalow and can’t wait to update you more on all the things we do!  For starters, here are just a few pictures "BEFORE"-style.  
House Front


View from Dining Room Into Living Room

Living Room

As far as purchases and updates, so far, we’ve started on trimming up the yard jungle, moved the gate so Beaufort can be let out the side door into the yard, furnished our fabulous front porch with some wonderful wicker furniture, ordered new appliances, ripped down the kitchen wallpaper, and turned the whole house into a dust bowl by sanding down the kitchen cabinets to prepare them for paint. 

This week, we’re having the hardwood floors stained and re-finished, so there won’t be much more progress inside until after that’s done.  However, as soon as floor guy is done and says it is OK, we can move in!  We’ve been so lucky to be able to stay at my parents and save some money, but definitely ready to get back into our own space and not have to live out of suitcases!  I’ll be back with more pictures soon!