Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Updated List

Got my haircut for the first time in 11 months yesterday, so figured it might also be time to update on how the house projects are coming along!  As I write, we have HVAC contractors outside working on our crazy-old air conditioning unit in nearly 100 degree South Carolina heat.  We're still within the 1 year of our home warranty so we were hoping it would need to be replaced completely, but no such luck :(  Either way, we've gotten a LOT done since my last update, so this post is really just to help encourage me to keep on working!! Nothing like looking back at your project list and being able to scratch lots of things off!   Thankfully, paint is an inexpensive way to bring about dramatic changes, so it's lovely to walk around and see what all has gotten a face-lift in the last 7 months.  Promise to post less words and more pictures someday soon!  The "public" areas of our house have had their makeovers and hopefully over the next few months, our bedrooms & bathrooms will also get the once-over!

House Project/Purchase List
Hire(d) Professional

Whole Downstairs 
- Blinds/Shutters
Entire House
-          Electrical outlet additions/updates
-          Change out light switch and outlet plates to match
-          Hardwood Floors sanded, stained and finished
-          Paint/Repair/Replace HVAC registers and floor grate
-          A/C Unit & Duct Work Insulate/Update/Replace
-       Paint doors black!!!
-          Repair Plaster &Paint Walls
-          Sand/Prime/Paint Trim
-          Repair/Sand/Prime/Paint front door (Inside)
-          New Light Fixture
-          Coat closet – add stackable storage
-          Entryway decoration
Living Room
-          Sell old entertainment center
-          Entertainment Center table (from Marian & Curtis)
-          Purchase & Install Ceiling Fan to replace light fixture
-          Repair Plaster & Paint Walls
-          Sand/Prime/Paint Trim
-          Rug
-          Window Treatments
-          Blinds/Shutters
-          End Table
-          Lamps
-          Update Fireplace/Hearth 
-          Replace/update mantle

Dining Room
-          Repair Plaster &Paint Walls
-          Sand/Prime/Paint Trim
-          Purchase & Install Chandelier
-          Window Treatments
-          Buffet Lamps

Breakfast Nook/Butler’s Pantry
-          Find/Purchase Table & Chairs
-          Repair Plaster &Paint Walls
-          Sand/Prime/Paint Trim
-       Vegetable poster artwork
-          Purchase & Replace Light Fixture
-          Blinds
-          Sand, Prime & Paint Cabinetry…
-          Purchase & Replace cabinet knobs

-          Remove Wallpaper
-          Repair Plaster &Paint Walls
-          Sand/Prime/Paint Trim
-          Donate existing appliances to Habitat ReStore
-          Purchase & Change out appliances
o   Purchase Microwave
o   Install Range Hood: buy lightbulbs!
-          Sand &Paint Cabinetry
-          Purchase &Replace cabinet knobs
-          Change overhead light for framed fixture
-          Replace/Re-surface countertops
-          Repair glass pellet hole in window over sink
-          Install backsplash
Laundry Room
-          New Washer/Dryer
o   Replace dryer vent hose with flexible hose
-          Repair leaking shut off valves, replace busted frozen pipe
-          Shelving/Storage
-          Backdoor moisture damage repair
First Floor Bathroom/Linen Closet
-          Shower curtain
-          Frost glass brick window...replace glass brick window with leaded bricks
-          Repair Plaster & Paint Walls
-          Sand/Prime/Paint Trim
-          Vanity/Sink
-          Light fixtures
-          Hot water heater
o   Adjust water temperature
o    Electrical repair
Master Bedroom
-          Repair Plaster & Paint Walls
-          Sand/Prime/Paint Trim
-          Blinds/Shutters
-          Window Treatments
-          Closet – add shelves/storage
-          Purchase Ceiling fan w/ light to replace light fixture
- New bedding
Guest Bedroom
-          Repair Plaster & Paint Walls
-          Sand/Prime/Paint Trim
-          Blinds/Shutters
-          Window Treatments
-          Closet – add shelves/storage
-          Purchase Ceiling fan w/ light to replace light fixture

-          Move gate on side of house so dog can go out porch door
o   Install new latch for gate
-          Sand/Prime/Paint & Re-glaze Exterior Windows
-          Porch ceiling paint
-          Paint front door (outside)
-          Porch light fixture
-          Roof
-          Porch Furniture
-          Tame the Yard/ Hire plant expert to advise... Landscape Plans done, taming in progress
-          Stump removal
-          Storage Shed - remove old
-       Storage Shed - build new
-          Privacy Fence?
-          Bigger Mailbox
-          Exterior Storm Windows
-          Leaf blower!