Saturday, November 9, 2013

Moving Update!

So dying for an update are you?  We got the official notice last night that our floors are complete!  While that means we have a hefty check to write today, it also means we are super excited to have access back to the inside of the house this afternoon.

Today we're only allowed to walk on the floors, not put anything permanent down on them, so of course, we'll be going by for a visit to check out how they look!  (Pictures to come, I promise!)  Ryan's parents are also coming to see the house for the first time, too!

We're going to rake some leaves and do some general yard cleanup this afternoon, too.  Another little project I hope to start today is priming the cabinets.  Our appliances are scheduled to be delivered on Monday (eek!), so I hope to have at least the bottom set (not including doors and shelves) primed before they arrive.  Of course, this makes for a busy Saturday evening and Sunday!

Hopefully VERY soon this little gem of a kitchen will be transformed into something brand new!  Our plan is to move at least a few things on Monday night (including our bed) so hopefully our first night in the new house will be Monday!