Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So, it's been a while...

Well, it's officially been two weeks since my head cold began, and so I've been slacking off in a lot of areas of life since then. The first thing to go was exercising/running. If you've ever had a case of sinusitis like I have been battling, you know it is nearly impossible to get through everyday activities, much less run or do pilates, anything that requires balance, deep breathing, or quick movements.

Second to go was the menu planning/cooking. Each day it got easier and easier for me to say, "why don't you just pick us something up". This was a little more difficult once my husband caught the awful illness, too. It just really seemed backwards to me to spend time cooking meals I could barely taste, much less finish. Chick-fil-A got a lot of business from us this week.

At the end of the week though, we both started feeling better, just in time for the biggest snowfall in our town since I was born. Wow, was it fun to see the excitement in my husband's eyes as he watched his first "big snow" at home ever.... (he spent the first half of his life in Florida, and we haven't seen snow like that since his family moved here). The snow reminded us both of our recent honeymoon trip to Park City, Utah where there was TONS of snow. We snuggled in for a warm night and watched as the snow piled up in our back yard. Of course, Saturday morning the snow quickly melted away as the sun came up, but not before a couple of snowballs were thrown.

We went on our first mini-vacation Saturday & Sunday to Savannah, GA. It was by mere coincidence that this happened to fall on Valentine's day, too! We explored the city on foot, checking out the historical sites and even visited the bench where the famous bus stop scenes from Forest Gump were filmed. We searched out some local restaurants, ate some wonderful food, and relaxed a lot! Savannah is a really beautiful and eclectic town, and we enjoyed walking through the historic squares. We especially loved the incredible live oaks and grassy areas preserved all around town.

We came back to Columbia on Monday and celebrated Valentine's by going out to a movie, doing a little shopping, and dinner. Here's hoping that we'll get back on track with everything the rest of this week!

So that's the latest.... hope everything is well with y'all :)


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