Thursday, April 19, 2012

To our friends....

Well, probably the few of you who still read this blog know that some of our very best friends are moving away this week.  While we are extremely excited for them to move to a big city, pursue their dreams and God's plan for them in a new place, we are still sad that we won't have them just a hop-skip-and-jump away anymore.  We have been so incredibly blessed to share life with this couple and  our friendship with them means more to us than we could ever describe.  Not often do you find the kind of friends where you never worry about how your house looks and whether or not appetizers are acceptable in place of a meal, where you show up in sweat pants and don't think twice about your appearance.  The guys are always willing to pitch in and share big projects around the house (including helping pack the Uhaul that will carry their stuff away this week), and usually the girls can be found taking in the latest bachelor episodes, figuring out whats to eat, and sharing all the latest happenings. 

During college, Ryan was friends with Gray from involvement with church and their shared interest in politics.  We all hung out and did double dates during college but I didn't REALLY get to know Leigh until after they got married.  (In fact, at one point, Leigh went from blonde to brunette and I thought Gray had a new girlfriend!)   Leigh asked me to join her Bible study group during the summer before we got married, and I cannot believe how much our friendship has grown since that time.  I remember clearly the night that they shared with us their heart for adoption, God's call in their life to bring a child into their family -- I thought they were going to tell us she was pregnant, but an even more beautiful story unfolded.  We have learned from them what it looks like to truly seek out God's will for your life and to be ready and willing to follow it when He unveils something that is known to be a difficult path.  We celebrated lots of ups and downs during their adoption process and it has been our joy to watch them grow as a family since bringing their little boy home.

I will miss our double dates and triple dates, nights by the fire pit, grilling out, tailgating & watching Gamecock sports, screaming over episodes of the bachelor while the boys hang out and shake their heads at us girls.  We'll miss their dog jumping into our laps when we arrive at their house, and the excitement of their little boy greeting us to show us his new favorite toy or a picture he has drawn.  Luckily, their family is still here in SC and we plan to visit them in their new town, too.  (Leigh's mom has already offered me a ride so she won't have to make the drive alone!)  Not to mention, all the silly emails I'm sure we'll continue to exchange on a nearly daily basis.

Now, for tonight, it's off to help them pack to get on their way, and hopefully holding off the tears because this isn't goodbye, it's only seeya later.  Gray & Leigh - we love y'all and know God has great things in store for you, and can't wait to continue to share life together, even at a distance!

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  1. just saw this and now i am blubbering mess. miss you so much already but cannot wait for yall to come up here and hang out with us! Plus the color run in the fall! or maybe just maybe i can convince you to move up here too!!!!