Friday, September 21, 2012

Why I hate icepacks

1. Generally, ice packs are only used when you’re hurting. Hurting = no fun.
2. Whenever you first put on your icepack, the cold actually hurts a little worse than the real hurt.
3. Mostly, it is impossible to move around while wearing an icepack. I’m not a sit still kinda girl. (Anyone wanna be my trainer and wrap my leg up with saran wrap and ice like you see on the college athletes walking around after a practice or game?)
4. Icepacks = hurting = must rest from training. Blegh.

4 weeks away from race day, and I’m being forced to take the weekend off because of probable tendonitis (overuse injury). You might remember this happened to me last year when I was training as well! We have trained all the way up to 9 miles, and last weekend we had a GLORIOUS 9 miler. Never felt so good during run before… hoping and praying I feel that good on race day.

That being said, I’m praying for some quick healing and want to get back out on the road running next week. I’ll be hanging out with my BFF’s advil and the icepack this weekend! (oh, and that fuzzy guy in the background)

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