Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hello? Anyone out there?

I fell off the face-of-the-blog earth during the end of April.  Kinda got crazy busy and didn’t update too much around here.  So, how about I show you some pics from my phone and catch you up on  our life?

Trimmed up my rose bushes and made this giant pile of thorny limbs....  

Since I waited too late to start trimming, I actually had to go buy new loppers to cut through the thick limbs but lucky me, I scored these beautiful hanging baskets for our porch at True Value while I was out...

Spent a weekend at the beach with my mom and her work friends.  There is nothing quite like getting close to the beach (13 miles to go)!  Here’s a pic I took on the way down…. it was super rainy on Friday, but so beautiful on Saturday!

We might or might not have run the golf cart completely out of batteries and had to push it for an entire half mile back to the house….

Luckily we had these yummy raspberry mint mojitos to spur us on!

I watched in disbelief as the finish line of the Boston Marathon was bombed.  Honestly, I thought a few times about writing something here, but just couldn’t find the words.  I loved this article…. and, like most runners that week, I got together with my running buddy Jennifer and “Ran for Boston.”....  

I’m a member of the Junior Women’s Club of Lake Murray and we had our annual yard sale…. There was a lot of junk to sell… here’s a pic of our organizing garage the night before.... so much junk!

We finally had a baby shower for my sister and niece Elliott.... somehow I managed not to take any pictures there, may have had something to do with attempting to play paparazzi with Marian’s fancy camera. 

Our church rented out the Plex and our Sunday school class organized an ultimate Frisbee team…. Go team green!  Since we were the only organized team, I’m declaring us the champions (we won our first game and lost the second game 2-1 because we ran out of time to play)….

Most of the month I spent running to get ready for the Providence Heart and Sole 5-miler.  After the St. Patty’s Get-to-the-Green race, Jennifer and I set a goal of running the 5-miler in 50 minutes.  She made it under 50, and I just barely missed it, finishing in 50:25.  Here’s me with some of the alumnae girls from my sorority before the race… 

All in all, April was a fantastic month, just really busy!  We've had the weirdest weather ever to start off the month of May, but I'm looking forward to warmer weather and the rest of summer!

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