Thursday, August 15, 2013


Listening... to music from my playlist for pilates class tonight at First Baptist.  It’s my first time teaching all by myself (Eeek!)  Playlist is lots of praise and worship music…. Anyone else like to workout to praise and worship?  I find it so motivating…. Luckily our class is at a church, therefore praise and worship music is encouraged. 
Eating... trying to stop myself from eating the entire container of triple ginger snaps from Trader Joe’s.  We visited the new store in Columbia, FINALLY, and I even visited it twice the same day because I just NEEDED to introduce Ryan to the cheap but yummy coffee there.  Are you married to a coffee snob?  Check out Trader Joe’s.  It will change your life (or at least your coffee budget).
Drinking... Always lots of water and daily diet coke.  For a quick second last week I quit drinking my morning diet coke cause I thought it was making my face twitch.  Not so much.  So… back on the sauce.
Reading.... nothing! Need to go to the library!  Just read Get Lucky by Katherine Center for book club that I hosted at my house, and next month we are reading Where’d You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple, but I already read it while I was at the beach!  So… recommendations are welcome…
Wearing... Seersucker! Only a few weeks left and I just got a new-to-me hand-me-down skirt from my sister.  Planning to literally wear this sucker out until Labor day!  Also, got blue paint on my white capris, so those are out.  L
Feeling... Anxious about teaching my first Pilates class tonight.  Mainly because the other instructors are out (hence, why I’m teaching) so I don’t have any backup.  Luckily, got a class full of experienced Pilates ladies.  P.S. Natalie, feel better fast!
Weather... Surprisingly cool for August.  Wondering if this summer has been some sort of cruel joke that is gonna lead into a bitterly cold winter.  I hate cold weather, but I am soaking up these 70 and 80 degree August days.  Seriously.  NEVER BEFORE has this happened in my lifetime.  What a relief from the usual 100+ degree summers we have here.
Thinking... the next 2 weeks are gonna fly by and then it’s officially FOOTBALL SEASON and the unofficial start of FALL!  Thinking I absolutely love fall and I’m really looking especially forward to it this year.
Enjoying... morning walks with my pup and listening to my daily Bible reading on my phone.  230 days out of 365 are done.  This is the furthest I’ve ever made it in a Bible-in-A-Year plan and I am super stoked that it looks like I will actually finish it this year.  So encouraging and one of the best things I’ve done, hands down, ever.  Looking forward to figuring out exactly how I want to dig deeper into the word in 2014. I know, crazy, but not that far away.

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