Sunday, January 12, 2014

House Progress!

Wow.  It's been more than a month since I posted here... So much has happened in that time period, below are some things that I've gotten to "scratch" off the list!  It is definitely nice to see all the things we've completed in writing since some days it feels like progress is slow-going!  Looking forward to more exciting updates in the coming weeks & months!

Whole Downstairs

-          Blinds/Shutters .... I couldn't stand the mini blinds any longer!  They were so dusty from the floor re-finishing and I had originally planned to wait until we painted all the trim to replace them.  However, they were SO nasty that I went ahead and ordered 2-inch faux wood blinds and we installed them all over the downstairs.  Even though they don't currently match the color of the trim, they block out the sun much better and look WAY better than the minis.  (For anyone who is wondering, we still haven't replaced the blue minis in the stairwell... those are a real gem and will likely be in place until we finish all our downstairs updates.)

Dining Room
-          Window Treatments.... Went shopping with my mom and sister last weekend and found fabric for dining room draperies that coordinates with the fabric I'm going to use in the living room for cornice boards.  Since you walk from one room to the other, I wanted it all to have a good flow!  Also the fabric and the cost of making draperies was amazing at Interior Resolutions of Richburg.  If you're in SC or NC, you should totally check them out.  
-          Buffet Lamps...Christmas gift!

Breakfast Nook/Butler’s Pantry
-          Find/Purchase Table  Chairs... Found the COOLEST reclaimed wood kitchen table at Nadeau, and paired it with metal cafe chairs from amazon.  Looks AWESOME with our dark wood chandelier.  Definitely a more modern look than my usual style, but I'm loving it.  

-          Repair Plaster, Prime & Paint Walls
-          Prime/Paint Trim
-          Sand, Prime & Paint Cabinetry
-          Purchase & Replace cabinet knobs

Kitchen.... Aside from finishing the paint on the walls & trim, the first phase of our kitchen re-do is almost done!  Check out this before & after!  

-          Repair Plaster, Prime & Paint Walls
-          Prime & Paint Trim
-       Install Range Hood
-          Sand & Paint Cabinetry
-          Purchase & Replace cabinet knobs

Laundry Room
- Replace busted pipe from freezing weather.... Here's something we had to add to our list... but luckily our laundry room is on the back porch, so there was no water damage to the inside of the house!

First Floor Bathroom/Linen Closet

-          Frost glass brick window.... Hooray, I can no longer see my neighbors while I shower!


-          Leaf blower! Christmas Gift!

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  1. The house looked amazing!! Can't wait to watch your progress.