Wednesday, July 28, 2010


For a long time now, we've been wanting to get a dog. I would probably say we've been talking about it for several years! We always came up with a reason why it wasn't a good time for us yet.... too expensive, living in two different houses, traveling too much, too busy with other things in our life. I think my husband was starting to lose hope that it would ever happen!

At long last, our new puppy, Beaufort, will be coming home this Tuesday! We are BEYOND excited to add him to our family and can't wait for him to be here with us. In fact, two weeks ago when we went to pick him out of the litter, we wanted to bring him home immediately.

Here's his very first pic...

I'm sure his cute little face will be filling up this blog in no time flat as he grows up. He's a Goldendoodle (mix between a Golden Retriever & Standard Poodle) which we are told are some of the smartest and most loving dogs. This is good because we have a lot to learn about training him and starting out with good habits! Any suggestions for us first time dog owners?



  1. ohhh yes!!! can't wait for him to meet Riv. my brothers gf just a got a double doodle, it's a labordoodle mixed with a poodle and he is adorable and HUGE!

  2. patience and lots of treats!!!!