Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We've been quite busy for the last few weeks, but this weekend has been especially nice so far (and thanks to labor day, it still isn't over yet!) So... to recap what I consider the first weekend of fall (a great, but entirely too short season if you define it by the weather here in Columbia)'s some things we did....

CAROLINA FOOTBALL kicked off Thursday night... there's just nothing like sitting in the stadium when 2001 plays and the players run out onto the field for the first time of the year! Gotta love football season. Here's the view of the sunset from our seats in the stadium.... it was such great weather once the sun went down

Since the game was Thursday night, Ryan and I both took the day off Friday... we spent the first bit of the morning playing with Beaufort at the Riverwalk. Our little furball LOVES to run around in the grass, chasing tennis balls, and meeting other dogs! Hopefully the riverwalk will become one of his favorite spots to walk and play! This is a picture of him today after he wore himself out visiting friends!
I spent most of the rest of Friday hanging out with my sister and my nephew Cooper, who celebrated his 2 month birthday this week. I can hardly believe how big he is getting already! He is growing so fast, and soon enough we'll be running to keep up with him. Also, his mom joined the blogging world and didn't inform me for several months. You can go visit them at the link above to see some extra precious pics of him :)

We've been watching tons of football, hanging out with family, and spending lots of quality time on the couch, too! Fall has arrived and we're relishing in this long weekend since our Saturdays will be filled with football and weekends will pass by much more quickly for the next several months.

Hope your labor day weekend was as relaxing and wonderful as ours!

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