Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back yard update

The first step in our back-yard re-do is complete, with just one day of hard work!  After a trip to Lowe's to grab all the supplies, they worked all day building this little beauty.

The final product looking shiny after being sprayed down to get rid of mud! 

The workers admiring their work

The hard work and the addition of the new deck really inspired us to get to work making the backyard all we want it to be.  We are excited to see the transformation over the next few weeks/months and hopefully by early summer, we'll have a big cookout to celebrate!

Last weekend, I worked most of the day painting the shed we built two years ago back when we originally started working on improving the yard by extending our fence to meet the neighbors and adding the storage building.  It fits in with the house a lot better now that it is painted a light gray with white trim to match the house.  

Shed after painting!

My dad is working on putting up lattice around the bottom of the deck and it is almost complete, so more pictures to come when he's all done!

Today it's off to buy some plants, and if the weather holds up, get started planting them and getting the natural areas around the edge of the yard looking good!   Locally, we are under a tornado watch for most of the morning AND they're calling for scattered thunderstorms all day, so we are praying the storms will either pass us by completely or come and go in a hurry without causing too much damage!

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  1. Love it!!!! You are going to love having that extra space out there!