Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twenty Seven

On my 27th birthday, I thought I'd share 27 things you might not know about me... or you might know them already :)  In no particular order...
  • It's no secret, I'm a diet coke addict.  And I don't plan to quit!
  • I wake up early, and sort of wish my husband was a morning person, but he's not. 
  • I love a plan, a to-do list, calendars... anything organized (Read: Type A) 
  • I let my dog sleep in the bed. I thought I never would.  He usually doesn't stay all night, but most nights he is at my feet when I fall asleep. 
    •  I'm a blog stalker.  I love to get a glimpse into the lives of others through their writing on the internet
  • When I'm anxious or upset, my face and neck turn bright red.  You won't have to worry about whether you've upset me, you'll know! 
  • I love to listen to books on tape.  This started when my husband and I went on roadtrips together in college, and now I listen to books on tape nearly all the time.  I have been known to  sit in the driveway listening to a book when I've gotten to a juicy part!
  • My favorite food is mexican.  Pretty much anything that includes salsa, sour cream, and cheese is right up my alley.  
  • My second favorite food is Breakfast... undoubtedly, if I had to pick one food to eat the rest of my life, it would be breakfast (with a side of salsa). 
  • I'm the only brunette child in my family, and they once told me it was because I was switched at birth.  
  • I have more shoes than any human should possibly own. And, the shoe department is the first place I visit in any store, because I WANT MORE! 
  • My love language is Acts of Service.  This might have something to do with the fact that I really don't like to do household chores.  I enjoy gifts, but I'd love it just as much if someone came and folded all my laundry, or dusted/vacuumed my house so I didn't have to! 
  • If it was acceptable to serve chips & dip as an entree, I'd do it 
  • I consume large amounts of orange juice daily.  When I came home from college, my mom rationed it out.  It's a must-have in my fridge.
  • I hate secrets.  When someone keeps one from me, I want to figure it out ASAP.  
  • Although I spend my days making sure other people take their medicines, and take the right ones, I myself hate to take them.  This makes me just a little more sympathetic to those who I'm constantly harping on to take theirs correctly -- even my own family! 
  • I tell people that getting old must be contagious -- after all, I work with the elderly, and I always want to eat my lunch at 1130 and dinner at 530 -- however, the truth is, maybe I'm just already old at heart! 
  • Along the same lines of being old, I also love to get to bed early.  In fact, it isn't uncommon for me to jump in bed by 8:30 or occasionally, fall asleep on the couch even earlier than that! 
  • I love to roast marshmallows after we've grilled on our charcoal grill
  • I ran my first half-marathon earlier this year... I decided that day that I would love to run more half-marathons, but never want to run a full marathon.  The place in the road where the marathoners split off from us to run 12 more miles was a very scary place! 
  • I love my DVR.  Since I usually fall asleep before my favorite shows even come on, I usually end up watching them either the next morning or night.... this is alright by me because there's NO COMMERCIALS!  The two exceptions to this rule are The Bachelor and The Biggest Loser... Somehow I manage to stay up late to watch these  
  • I keep a bunch of stuff in my car.  I could probably live in there for a few days if I had to 
  • I'm the only person I know that doesn't love the Kindle.  I begged for one for Christmas last year and found out that I actually can't stand the thought of purchasing books when I can go to the library and get the real thing for free. 
  • I love to listen to music in the shower.  Luckily I'm generally alone in the house cause when there's music, chances are I'm also singing! 
  • I'd rather have flowers to plant in a pot or in the ground than fresh cut flowers... I love to plant flowers and work in the yard
  •  I love Christmas decorations & Christmas music, and I usually start decorating in mid-November to be sure we have a full month to enjoy them.  This year I never got around to putting the ornaments on our tree, but I enjoyed it with just the lights! 
  • A garbage truck once blew up in front of my house.  Not a joke. 

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