Monday, February 13, 2012

Menu Plan Monday (Year 2, Week 7)

Sorry for the messed up links, will update when I can get back to my computer!!

02.13.12- Pizza & Salad Take Out from The Villa

02.14.12 - Thai chicken bites with rice

02.15.12 - crockpot shredded beef tacos

02.16.12 - Girl's Night for me, Leftovers for ryan

02.17.12 - Valentine's Dinner

02.18.12 - Grilled "Country Style" (boneless) Ribs with crispy skillet potatoes

02.19.12 - Lasagna casserole


  1. ohhh i want to hear about the thai chicken bites on Thursday night!!!!

    1. ooh, they were fantastic! next time I might use my little fry-daddy instead of frying them in the pan, or even just sautee them in the sweet chili sauce and cut out some of the breading. They were so yummy, I ate them 3 days in a row for lunch.