Friday, January 18, 2013

on the eve of my 3rd half marathon....

I realized yesterday that I didn’t really tell too many people that I’m running in a third half-marathon in Charleston this weekend.  The first two were such a big deal that my whole family came to watch.  This time around, it’s just me, my running buddy and bestie Jenny, and my husband Ryan is coming to support us.  (Jenny's family is coming to see her cross the finish line too, because they weren’t able to be there for her first half in Georgetown). 

I came across this post…. "Confessions of a Marathon Trainer"  written by a runner who is running a marathon this weekend.  She really expressed a lot of my thoughts about running.  I too have a hard time doing math and simple spelling during a run, and it’s also comical the thoughts and conversations that happen as you get up into higher mileage and your blood  sugar drops so your brain isn’t functioning all that well. 

Also, since I never ever posted my race re-cap from Georgetown (yep, it’s been written for a LONG time), I decided I’d schedule it for a post tomorrow at 8am, the exact time when we will be at the start line of the half-marathon in Charleston.  I promise myself (and you!) that I’ll post a re-cap of our race in Charleston much sooner than the 3 months that have passed since we ran in Georgetown.  Another goal I have for our race this weekend is to capture a few more pictures along the way, so you can see the race from my perspective, rather than just hear a whole bunch of descriptions of what I see J

Also, looking for someone to run in front of us the entire way with this picture pinned to their shirt…. Any takers?

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  1. If I could run, I would put that picture on my rear-end and run in front of you the whole time. GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!