Thursday, January 3, 2013

resolved.... a look back at 2012 resolutions

Well, here it is January 2013, a brand new year!  Let’s look back at last year’s resolutions

1.       Memorize more scripture… well, originally I started out verse by verse, and then got involved with memorizing the first book of James when I participated in the James Bible Study by Beth Moore. I memorized James 1:1-25.  I’m a little disappointed in myself that I memorized all but 2 verses of the first chapter.  However, memorizing 25 verses is quite a feat, and that’s nearly 1 verse for every 2 weeks out of the year, so that was pretty good.  I’m considering whether to continue the challenge to memorize the entire book of James this year, or to see about memorizing different parts of scripture.  What do you think?  I’m also pretty disappointed that I didn’t do a good job documenting the other verses I memorized this year.  I’ll try to do better J

2.       Cash only budget for food… yep, didn’t stick to this one.  We followed our spending much more closely this year, but by and large, still spent a VAST amount of money on food.  Going to continue this as a goal to help us save some more this year, except we won’t do the cash-only version since I can never keep up with cash.  We’ll just be tracking carefully on our budget in the giant excel file (yep, I'm a big spreadsheet nerd).   

3.       2nd Half-Marathon – DONE!  And with a PR to boot!  And I’m in the midst of training for my 3rd half, coming up in just a few weeks, so I’d say I kicked that resolution’s behind!    Overall, I could definitely stand to continue making strides in the healthy food choices department and need to figure out what my next fitness goal is after this half marathon!

Me, Jenny & Jennifer after the Georgetown, SC Half-Marathon

4.       Figuring out household chores… definitely NOT done.  Teamwork is key here, as clutter doesn’t bother me and dirt doesn’t bother my husband.  So, if he can help me keep the clutter in check, I can work on the dirt.  Still LOTS of room for improvement though! 

So 2 out of 4 isn't too bad, considering it's not often that resolutions are kept.  Did you keep any of your resolutions or goals from 2012??  Check back later this week to see my goals for 2013.

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