Friday, September 23, 2011

First day of Fall 2011

Today is officially the beginning of Fall, so I'd like to share with you a few things I LOVE about this season.... and they are in no particular order because these are the random thoughts of my brain :)
1. Soup - so if I'm being honest, I eat soup all times of year, but the best time to eat it is in the fall! Usually I've had a long break from soup (especially the homemade kind) by the time fall rolls around.  To me, there is just nothing better than a warm bowl of soup on the first few crisp days of fall.  A few of my favorites are.... Easy Crockpot Potato Soup,  Taco or Enchilada Soup,  Cheesy Chicken Corn Chowder, and of course some Chili sometimes!

2. Football Tailgates - clearly, if you know me, you know I grew up in a family that LOVES football. (Clemson football, to be exact).  However, as a proud graduate of THE University of South Carolina, my blood runs GARNET!  My favorite types of foods are all present at tailgates --- dips, chicken, biscuits, grilled stuff, and of course, DIET COKE!  And the fun times spent with family and friends enjoying food, games, and football talk just can't be beat!  Also, on a random note.... ever wonder what would be a great wedding present?  Tailgate chairs!  Our go-to-gift is a matching set of chairs for the bride & groom.  We usually try and get team-themed chairs if possible & we've had several friends tell us the chairs were their
 "favorite" or "most-used" gift.

3. Cool, but not COLD weather - ok, so I HATE cold weather, but I LOVE when it starts to get cool.  If I can sport a sweater without wearing a jacket, or longsleeves with flip-flops, I'm totally down with that.   There's also nothing like riding with the windows down in the car with the seat heater warming up your bottom!
4. Dark mornings - I love me some sleep, so hitting that snooze button becomes so much easier when it is still dark in the mornings!  Usually though, if I let it last too long, I have a furry friend all up in my business & licking my face so he can get his breakfast.  See exhibit A: 

5. Trips to see friends & visitors - We've already been to Charlotte this fall for Carolina's first game against ECU.   Usually we have lots of friends coming in to town for football games & there is already a girls trip in the works with my college friends in the fall!  Of all our college friends, we are some of the few who still live here in town.  We LOVE hosting anyone coming down (so plan your trip soon), but it is also a great time of year to make our own trips to see all those fun people who've left us behind!
6. Preparing for holidays - I'm already thinking up ideas for Christmas gifts, decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas, and just what we'll do for our anniversary this year.  The holiday months always seem to fly by with so much going on, so I'm hoping this year we'll take the time to just enjoy each moment and spend time with family & friends.   Probably as soon as the calendar flips over to October, I'll re-load the Christmas music onto my iPod.  Let's face it, I think we could add about 60 more days to the month of December, and still not have enough time to enjoy all the Christmas tunes. 
Happy Fall Y'all!

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