Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend ahead...

So incredibly thankful it is Friday!  We have some good things planned for the weekend and I pretty much just can't wait to get it started....
First off, after work today, Jennifer & I are going to run at the river.  Hopefully it won't be too chilly since all of a sudden we had a giant cold front roll in.  It is only my second time running since my big race two weeks ago.  It has been a nice break to only run a few times here and there rather than 4x a week!  Don't worry though, I've been hitting the gym, just not SO much running.
After our run I'll probably get started on making up some good tailgate food for tomorrow.  I'm making hashbrown casserole again for the morning, this time with BACON!  (Let's face it, everything tastes just a little better when it has bacon in it.)  For after the game, I'm throwing together the EASIEST RECIPE EVER that Lindsey made for our supper club appetizer last weekend.  Check back for a recipe real soon.
South Carolina plays The Citadel, so it should be a low-stress game, leaving us to enjoy our beautiful day at the stadium.  It is also military appreciation day which is always special, and a little birdy told me there is going to be a fly-over, which I always find fascinating. 
Sunday, we're having a pot luck lunch at church, I'm making crockpot macaroni & cheese.... then I'm hoping to convince Ryan to head out a week early and go snag a Christmas tree!  It should be really interesting this year with Beaufort and the tree.  He has taken a new liking to sticks/twigs/branches of any kind, so we need to get started getting him used to it before we put any ornaments/lights on it.  Last year, he was small enough that we were able to just block it off, but this year we're going to really have to perfect his "LEAVE IT" skills.   
Whether or not we get the tree, I'm already listening to Christmas tunes, and I can't wait to celebrate the holidays this year :)

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  1. We are going to be there tomorrow if you want to sneak by! Aus is marching at halftime and I really hope there is a flyover because A will pee in his pants! that will be the highlight of his life!