Tuesday, January 10, 2012

iPhone dump... what iPhone photos tell you about us...

1. my husband and i are obsessed with our dog.  we are constantly sending pictures back and forth to each other and giving voice to the awesome personality of this precious fella... for example... 

I'm a model dog... pose - pose - pose 

2. I take pics of things that I like in stores... for instance... first bathing suit of the season... and the tankini is the best thing that ever happened to bathing suits, amen?

3. I have random recipes that one day maybe I'll post, or just perhaps I wanted to see what my food looked like on camera....
4. we are dweebs.  we were SO excited that our church has a REAL life candlelight service.  when the church we grew up in built a new building, they axed the candles because of wax drippings, and it was sad.  this Christmas eve, we were so happy! nothing like silent night & sharing the light of the world
5. i have no idea how to take a picture in weird light.  but for some reason, I love this shadowy one of my two favorite boys on the beach.
6. obsessed with this face.  how could you not be?

7. i intended to post about christmas decorations.... maybe?  or just wanted to remember how the wreath looked this year?

8. this sign is why I don't think I'll ever run a full marathon.  this was a scary place.  I can't imagine having to take the left fork instead of the right.

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