Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Menu Plan Monday (Year 2, Week 5)... A day late

To tell you how crazy this week is and just as an example of why I'm posting this on Tuesday, it's my lunch break and I'm posting from my iPhone. That's right, CRAZY week here. And not much of a menu, just too much going on!

1.30.12 - Dinner w/Leigh & Leigh for me, Chick-fil-a Freebie for Ryan before class
1.31.12 - Home Owner's Association Meeting @ Za's 
2.1.12 - Soup/Sandwiches/Chinese Takeout/whatever we can get our hands on before Bible Study & Class
2.2.12 - Sorority Alumnae Meeting @ Mellow Mushroom! (bringing to-go home for Ryan)
2.3.12 - Grilling Steaks & Baked Potatoes
2.4.12 - Supper Club at Our House - Grilling RIBS & Chicken
2.5.12 - Super Bowl Party - can't decide what to make

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  1. make oreo balls and only take half then bring the rest to girls night. i mean...um. make whatever you want! haha. no but seriously you have tons of great dip recipes! whatever you make will be awesome. sad we won't be there.