Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It is hard to believe we're rolling right into another new year.  I didn't really put all my resolutions out there for the world to see last year, but I can tell you that I kept only two of them (budgeting and menu planning).   I aim to do much better this year, but mostly by setting realistic goals in a few specific areas that will help me meet some of those overall resolutions!

So here you have them...

Faith - Memorize more scripture.... Last year, I set a goal to memorize 52 scriptures, and I didn't make it very far into the 52!  In 2012, my goal is to constantly have a verse in practice, and once I have it committed to memory, add another one to the list.  If it takes me longer than a week to memorize a verse, I am not tied down to that specific "52" number.  If it only takes me 1 day to memorize, I can commit multiple verses to memory in one week.  I'll keep you posted here on how I'm doing!

Budget -  This year, we're going to stick to a weekly cash-only budget for food and hopefully that will help us to save money.  By and large, after our tithe, household bills and student loans, our largest expense monthly is FOOD!  So, here's to cutting back on wasteful spending in that area!

Health - train for and complete my 2nd half-marathon (and maybe my 3rd as well!)  Along with budgeting for food (which means cooking more, eating out less) and a routine exercise schedule, I hope to be much more healthy in 2012!

Household - figure out some sort of schedule for household chores.  Learn to get them done and out of the way, rather than procrastinate and have them pile up so that I have even MORE to do.  If anyone has any suggestions on this, let me know, cause I desperately need help in this area!

I'm resolved to tackle these four areas in 2012.... what have you resolved to do?!

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