Thursday, September 9, 2010

Too Soon?

So, I officially finished all my wedding gift thank-you notes almost exactly before Emily Post's deadline of 3 months following our wedding (which would have been March 12). However, the gifts have kept on coming! I got a little lazy again and racked up a short little list of notes that needed to be written and I am happy to say, these are NOW also done. What a relief!

However, I'm starting to think it is probably about time to drag down those Christmas cards I bought on sale two Christmases (is that the correct plural for Christmas? is there a plural?) ago and get to work on writing & addressing them! WOW! I can hardly believe we are just 2 and a half short months away from Christmas!

Now, before you think I'm crazy buying my Christmas cards 2 years in advance...

3 Christmases ago, I sent out cards just from myself to some of my friends. It was fun because this was the first year most of my friends had moved away after college, and who doesn't like to receive mail at their first post-college address?

2 Christmases ago, we had just gotten engaged, and life was WAY crazy with wedding planning, not to mention attempting to finish up that last pesky year of Pharmacy school. I didn't send out any cards that year. But, I did have the foresight to think about the future when all the Christmas cards went on sale at the end of December.

1 Christmas ago, of course, since we got married December 12th, I used my thank-you notes as an opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday, since I was too busy to send out Christmas cards.

I absolutely LOVE Christmas cards, especially those with pictures. There is just something about hearing from friends & family from both near and far during the holiday season. Yep, that's it, now that I've thought about it, I think I'll fix up some hot chocolate, pretend like it is cold outside, and start writing some Christmas cards. I might even put a Christmas DVD on. Watch out. I'm addicted to the Christmas feeling, and I'm looking forward to celebrating for several months this year - probably about mid-October until mid-January, in case you were wondering :) And yes, I plan to buy my Christmas cards for next year when they go on sale THIS December.

What? It's too soon? Too bad... I've already begun humming Christmas carols!

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