Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm up early....

It isn't unusual for me to wake up early, even on the weekend.  Especially now that we have Beaufort, probably the latest I ever get to sleep is 6:30, but today I was up even earlier than that at 5:15, just lying in bed awake, wishing my body would allow me just a little bit longer to enjoy the sleeping hours of the night.

It depends just HOW awake I am what I do with my early morning wake-up times.  Sometimes I spend the time keeping Beaufort out of trouble and quiet until Ryan gets up.   Sometimes I take the opportunity to enjoy an extra long shower.  Sometimes I get up, move to the couch, and fall back asleep (a habit I got from my mom).  Sometimes I catch up on my Bible reading or read other books.  Sometimes I watch all the girly DVR shows I know are taking up valuable recording space and there's no reason to wait to watch them when Ryan is awake.  If my google-reader is full of good blog updates, I'll stalk around on the internet for a while.

Today, I'm working on my grocery list and menu plan.  I'm googling recipes and debating whether to go to the store before or after church.  Speaking of googling, I cannot imagine what life was like when you had to use a cookbook to search for a recipe, a phonebook to get the phone number for a store, then call to find out their hours.  We children of the internet age are so spoiled to have all this information at our fingertips.  Also, the fact that google is both a noun and a verb, and a word at all, is amazing to me.  I just googled the hours for my Publix, and they open at 7am on Sundays. I think I'm going to try and go over there early, get it over with.  It seems like early morning would be a not-so-busy time to do your grocery shopping.  And, it seems like a good way to take up some of this early wake-up time.  Perhaps I'll start shopping early every Sunday :)

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