Sunday, February 13, 2011

Menu Planning - Husband Style

So, this week, I put Ryan in charge of planning our menu.  Quite frankly, I was feeling lazy, half the time I ask him to pick out some of our meals anyway, and I think he did a great job! Here's what we will be eating for WEEK 7 :)

2.12.11 - At the beach, ate out at Landolfi's, one of our favorite places
2.13.11 - Random dinner - Cereal for me, B.L.T for Ryan
2.14.11 - Grilling Steaks & Spicy Sweet Potatoes
2.15.11 - ?? Plans with friends -- backup meal is Chicken Spaghetti
2.16.11 - Date Night Out before or after Bible Study
2.17.11 - Venison Chili
2.18.11 - Grilling Burgers

1 comment:

  1. yes, the 15th you have plans with friends ;) I will email you tomorrow!