Sunday, June 5, 2011

Menu Planning - Week 23 (UPDATED)

UPDATE: OK, now that things are coming together for the week, I fixed up our menu plan.

There's absolutely no plan for this week.  We have been totally spinning for two weeks in a row and things are just gonna have to settle down before I can make my brain think!  Perhaps I'll share a little of what we're up to this week and that'll help inspire me on what we'll eat.  I'll update the plan whenever I get to the grocery store and decide what's cookin'.

6.4.11 - Dinner was wedding reception food
6.5.11 - Village Idiot Pizza with Gray & Leigh while helping get some stuff together around their house
6.6.11 - Pilates class for me after work... haven't been in a few weeks and definitely need to get back!  We'll probably eat a freezer meal from supper swap.  These are the kind of weeks supper swap saves me.  Seriously, if I didn't have these frozen meals tucked away, we'd be eating lots-o-sandwiches, cereal and the like for supper.  (We ate Leila's Manicotti w/ Meat Sauce -- YUM!)
6.7.11 - Group run with TNT, Country Style BBQ Ribs on the Grill w/ Mashed Potatoes
6.8.11 - Bible Study, Out to eat
6.9.11 - Group run with TNT, Buffalo Chicken Pizza
6.10.11 - Dinner at The Melting Pot - celebrating with our friends the Ladd's who are FINALLY bringing home their sweet boy from Ethiopia

Maybe you have a suggestion of something good you're making this week that I should try sometime soon?

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