Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm up early.....

Well, as you know, I'm generally ALWAYS up early, but today has a lot in store.  I'm super excited about all of it, too!

First things first, I've got to get to the store and grab a few things to make dessert for tonight's supper club.  I'm thinking a strawberry trifle (because nothing says spring/summer like a nice strawberry dessert!)

Then, today is the day we start planning the big back-yard re-do.  Todd (my friend Andrea's husband) is coming over to scope out the job and give us some ideas and price quotes on what we want done.  You can definitely expect some BEFORE, PROGRESS, and AFTER pictures coming your way in the next few weeks as we get this thing started.  

Finally, this afternoon I'll be hopping in the car with my sister to go meet THE PIONEER WOMAN!  I'm beyond excited about this.   We are going to Evans, GA (outside of Augusta) and hopefully we'll get our books signed by and some pictures taken with PW, herself!   AND, shamelessly, we are taking along my nephew, because if you've ever read her blog, PW cannot resist an adorable baby!

Happy Saturday!!!!

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