Saturday, March 19, 2011

Money Saving Menu Plan - Week 12

It is supper swap week for me again and I'm making Taco Casserole to give away.  It's getting toward the end of the month and as I look over our budget, I'm trying to pinch a few pennies so we can add more to our savings at the end of this month, so decided to see how much we can save this week eating mostly at home.
3.19.11 - Ryan's best friend Christian and his fianc√© Stephanie are coming to town for a Couples' Shower in their honor.  My parents are actually hosting at their house and we'll be chowing down on some yummy Shealy's BBQ with all the fixin's.... I made Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings, and they were a hit as always :)
3.20.11 - Supper Swap Day - we'll be eating the Taco Casserole I fixed instead of freezing it
3.21.11 - Jennifer's Stuffed Shells (still in freezer from last supper swap, time to clean'r'out!)
3.22.11 - I'll be eating dinner with girls from work at Yo Burrito ----one of our FAVORITE places with the BEST JARGARITAS (that's a margarita in a mason jar) in town!  Then we'll be heading over to our friends the Gzvodas' to find out whether baby G is a girl or a boy!
3.23.11 - LEFTOVERS!  We've got Bible Study Wednesday night, so instead of going out before or after, we'll clean out some leftovers from the fridge.
3.24.11 - Lorraine's meatloaf & mashed potatoes (Supper Swap)
3.25.11 - Zingy BBQ Chicken... I found this recipe earlier this week, then also got it in an email today from Leigh  in her weekly TOP 10, so decided it was a MUST for our menu plan this week
I'm so thankful for the girls I do supper swap with, even though I don't have children like they all do, I definitely benefit from having a few meals tucked away in the freezer when we're either trying to save money, or I just don't have the time or motivation to cook something from scratch.  I've mentioned this a few times before, but I think EVERYONE should get a group together and give supper swapping a try. 

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