Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Month in Review

So here are the few recipes I've linked to this month.... wow, I really haven't tried that much new stuff at all!  We did a lot more eating out and a lot more cooking "old faithful" recipes this month than the last two months, too.  

Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings - My sister and I have made this recipe a few times for various gatherings.  If you love apple pie, you should definitely go ahead and make this sometime.  I personally prefer them HOT with a scoop or two of vanilla icecream.  I think it'd probably be BEST with homemade icecream.  A few people asked me last weekend if I had ever made this recipe with peaches, and I can't say that I have, but I plan to try it soon!  I'm also considering changing the soda from mountain dew to something that will go better with peaches... but, maybe I'll try it with Mountain Dew once first because it might be just as good! Side Note: Did you know, South Carolina actually grows more peaches than Georgia, "The Peach State"?  

Zingy BBQ Chicken - This was an easy  throw-together-and-run-out-of-the-house recipe.  BBQ sauce, zesty italian dressing, and chicken.  3 things I pretty much have in my house at all times (which likely means I'll be making this again soon!)  In the crockpot all day, and voila! Instant dinner.  Ryan said he thought it'd also be good on pork chops, so we'll probably try that version sometime soon, too.

Easy Potato Soup in Crockpot - I've got nothing but good things to say about this soup.  Definitely need to have BACON and cheddar cheese around to serve with it.  AWESOME.  Also, have a container in the freezer leftover, and can't wait to heat it up and see how it does frozen.  

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