Thursday, March 24, 2011

love this guy....

We're just hanging out around the house tonight, and this guy is keeping us company.... hanging out in one of his favorite spots on the back of the couch.... he has no idea he is entirely too big to try and balance up there.

That's because it was only like yesterday when he was this size..... (this was on the way home from his first vet visit... cuddling with his hedgehog toy)

But, now that he's big, he's also discovered that he can squeeze ever so tightly into our little chairs......

And, one of my all time favorites, the day he surprised his dad at the door with the "I might be dirty, but it was WORTH IT" face.  I don't think he's ever been more proud of himself.

If you didn't love him before, you probably do now :)  Too bad he's mine!    Sorry for the poor quality these blackberry pics, but they definitely show off my Beaufort in all his cuteness.

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