Saturday, March 5, 2011

Menu Planning - Week 10

Wow, I can hardly believe I've been successful posting a menu plan for 10 weeks in a row!  So, I guess I cheated some the last few weeks with letting the husband plan and using up some frozen stuff, but it is all about teamwork and using your resources, right?!  We are definitely seeing the benefits of planning our meals ahead of time, both financially AND mentally! 
Saturday 3.5.11 - Dinner w/ Gray & Leigh
Sunday 3.6.11 - Easy Potato Soup in Crockpot (We'll keep any leftovers for lunch during the week)
Monday 3.7.11 - Onion Sausage & Pepperoni Calzones (will use up extra sausage in Thursday's meal)
Tuesday 3.8.11 - Dinner at Carolina Stadium while the Gamecocks play baseball
Wednesday 3.9.11 - Leftovers for me, Ryan boys' night
Thursday 3.10.11 - Baked Ziti w/ Onion Sausage (I'm finally starting to be able to open my freezer without fear that a package of frozen venison will topple out and render me unconscious!  We might be able to finish up this meat before the next deer season rolls around, after all!)
Friday 3.11.11 - Lorraine's Taco Soup (still in Freezer from Supper Swap)
For those who know me well, you know both Ryan and I are also looking forward to the changing to Daylights Savings Time next week on 3/13.  I get extremely sleepy as the sun goes down, so sunset at 6:30pm puts a major dent in my useful hours.  More daylight = a happier, less sleepy, better-adjusted me.   It also means a lot more meals on the grill, so I'm looking forward to spending less time in the kitchen!  Spring/Summer has always been my favorite time of year and I cannot WAIT for warmer weather to be here to STAY! 

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