Sunday, March 13, 2011

Menu Planning - Week 11

Well, here we are, week 11!  I've got a lot going on early in the week and I haven't really even thought about what we are doing toward the end of the week, so we're sort of going to wing it this week.... So, I'll tell you what I know so far, and then I'll come back and update later as we figure it out!

3.12.11- Ryan took our Strawberry Trifle to supper club (Easy recipe to share with you sometime soon), my sister and I went to meet Ree Drummond, thepioneerwoman at her book signing in Evans, GA (it was awesome, picture sometime soon)
3.13.11- Had a great homemade breakfast, lunch at the baseball game, and grilled burgers for dinner with my parents
3.14.11- I'm watching the MOST DRAMATIC FINALE EVER of the Bachelor with Leigh&Leigh.... we're having a mini-appetizer party, so I've got to throw something together (thinking buffalo chicken dip... also known in this neck of the woods as DANK DIP)
3.15.11- Hosting PREMIER DESIGNS jewelry show.... plan is to serve chocolate pound cake, poor man's brie, and snickerdoodle blondies with sweet tea & lemonade "like chick-fil-a makes".... you should come check out the jewelry & the food :)
3.16.11- We have Bible Study, so we'll probably be eating out or eating sandwiches
3.17.11- ?????? Toss up!
3.18.11- Friends coming to town... not sure what plans we'll have

OH, and I have a brand new little camera, so probably lots of new pictures to come soon.... I've been camera-less for a LONG while now.  It is nothing fancy, but it'll at least give you a glimpse into our life a little more :)

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