Sunday, January 9, 2011

Menu Planning - Week 2

Week 2 Menu
Saturday 1.8.11 - Monthly Dinner club -- making Yummy Spinach Dip for the appetizer
Sunday 1.9.11 - Cheesy Chicken & Corn Chowder in crockpot (we didn't get to make last week)
Monday 1.10.11 - Watching National Championship Game w/ friends... not sure what the food plans are yet!
Tuesday 1.11.11 - 3-Cheese & Venison Sausage stuffed shells (a twist on this recipe)
Wednesday 1.12.11 - Dr. Pepper BBQ in the Crockpot w/ cole slaw and potato salad
Thursday 1.13.11 - Pizza & Game Night with friends
Friday 1.14.11 - Celebrating my Dad's birthday with our family

Seems like we have a lot going on this week, so we planned lots of stuff for the crockpot, things that will make leftovers, and kept some stuff in reserve in case plans change (which, inevitably, they do!). I'm trying to come up with more stuff for the crockpot especially for Wednesdays because there is so little time between work and Bible study to cook, and it's too late to cook afterward. Send all your good crockpot recipes my way :)

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  1. YAY! two weeks in a row! Keep going, it's get easier when you hit week 7 or 8 then once you hit 15 or 16 you will be addicted!