Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our New Favorite Place

Saturday was the GRAND OPENING of our new favorite place, The NoMA Bark Park.  Just a short ride or walk from our house, Earlewood Park is now home to our city's newest dog park.  We went for the first time Sunday afternoon just to find out how to join and check it out.  We quickly filled out the paperwork and mailed in our dues because this place is a dog's (and dog-owner's) dream come true!
Basically, it is a HUGE fenced-in area where dogs can run, off-leash, play, socialize, and our favorite part, get TOTALLY worn out.  Ever since Beaufort has been with us, we've tried just about everything to let him get out his pent-up energy.  We walk the neighborhood, play fetch, run around the yard, throw balls/toys inside and outside the house, etc, but sometimes a puppy just needs room to RUN, and that is what the bark park is all about.

The RESULTS of a visit to the park .....

We've met lots of other dog-owners and their furry friends and look forward to going to the Bark Park often.   One lesson I've already learned is to wear "play-clothes" because Beaufort and the other dogs not only play with each other, but they get the owners involved, too!   If you live in the Columbia area, the $25 annual fee is well worth it for this fun place to take your pup.  You can learn more about how to join, here

And, don't forget to let us know when you're going, because puppy play-dates are the best!

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